Don’t Kill Your Boss, He’s Not Worth the Stress…

Nov 20, 2012 by

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“You who are slaves must accept the authority of your masters with all respect. Do what they tell you – not only if they are kind and reasonable, but even if they are cruel.” – (1 Peter 2:18; NIV)

Hey fam! I hope you kicked off your day with a positive attitude! I know that’s hard to do most of the time; especially since we’re constantly surrounded with problems that just won’t go away! Problems with varying intensity - from something as serious as gas prices that keep fluctuating, to very negligible things such as your very obnoxious, discouraging, and self-obsessed boss whose perception of you determines whether or not you’ll be promoted, and hence, how much you earn and the quality of your life! :-)

Let’s talk about bosses for a bit. For most people, the word “Boss” is synonymous with “Hitler,” or worst still, “the devil himself”! And that’s completely understandable. Bosses could be suckers sometimes. However, given the fact that the average working adult spends majority of his time at work, I believe the smarter way to get around the shenanigans of bosses is to do exactly what the bible passage above says. Let’s break the passage down into practical steps very quickly;

1. Accept the authority of your master with all respect – realize that within the confines of the office, your boss is the king. He possesses the sovereign authority to do as he pleases. He might be answerable to a higher authority, but that authority is not you, my friend! :-) So, don’t try to change his attitude, just accept it like you’ve grown to accept the times and seasons. Winter comes, then summer, and then fall…DUH! Your boss is a self-obsessed and controlling jerk…DUH! :-)

2. Do what they tell you – you know how we, as humans, tend to complete tasks with enthusiasm if we’re asked to do them nicely? Well, this might not apply to your boss. The remaining part of the sentence reads, “…not only if they are kind and reasonable, but even if they are cruel.” In other words, demand it from yourself to give your best work and complete each task you’re assigned to the best of your ability. Don’t let the quality of your work be directly proportional to the attitude of your boss…realize that each task you complete to the best of your ability makes you even better at your job! And I know that in due time, you’ll be freed from the shackles of your boss…I mean, either he gets promoted, transferred out, or fired; or you’ll get promoted, transferred out, or quit your job to do something more productive with yourself – hopefully not fired! :-) So, why not grow as much as you can while you’re still there, yes?

In conclusion, just remember we’re to take control of our lives and our destinies. But while you do that, aim to handle what is within your sphere of control. The rest of it, don’t get depressed about them, pray to God. Let Him give you a hand. This is what the next verse reads, “For God is pleased with you when you do what you know is right and patiently endure unfair treatment.” You get it? Now, go take action!

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How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek

Oct 8, 2011 by

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I watched this video today! Gotta say I applauded right after on my chair watching from my laptop. Makes perfect sense and can be applied to almost every phase of life. Enjoy and watch multiple times if you need to ‘get it’. Keyword is this… You inspire action by telling ‘why’, then ‘how’ and then ‘what’. I wish I could express in words how well I see this picture in my head. Anyways, embedded below. Savor it…

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What got you here won’t get you there.

Jul 12, 2011 by

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“All of the top achievers I know are life – long learners…looking for new skills, insights and ideas. If they’re not learning, they’re not growing…not moving towards excellence” – Denis Waitley

I have found that often times to get from one level in life to a higher one, we need to improve ourselves. Here’s what I’ve discovered: for us to climb up the ladder of success, we need a little more than we needed to get to the level we’re at now. The acquisition of the “little more” we need will, in most cases, be less stressful as we progress up the ladder of success. But the fact remains that we need to acquire more to get us to the next level. We need to acquire more knowledge, and new skills to be able to increase.

Some of us wish things were so rosy that we never had to keep working on ourselves to attain greatness. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it is. Whether it is getting a promotion at the job, doubling or tripling your sales, counseling/ motivating people, or expanding the client base in your business, acquiring more knowledge and improving your skills is very crucial.

Jim Rhon – a motivational counselor, business executive, and best selling author – in one of his training sessions said, “Your paycheck is a direct reflection of your value.” Simply put, if you’re not very valuable to your company or industry, you don’t get paid much. So to increase your income, you need to increase your value!

And how do you increase your value? It all depends on the field/industry. But the universal tip is to acquire THAT skill that is most needed in your industry. For instance, if you were into IT stuff, getting different certifications (like MCTS, CCNA, and ITIL) will go a long way in making you valuable. If you were into Aero Engineering, then mastering PATRAN-NASTRAN, ANSIS, CATIA, ABAQUS, or any other software used in the industry will sure add to your value.

Remember it’s all about what you can do. It’s all about your productivity, not your degree (I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about so many “college drop-out” CEOs running the world today). You don’t get hired by companies/firms because of your GPA, you get hired because of your potentials – your usefulness to the work they do.

So if you really want to get there from here, then,

1) Find out what skill you need to acquire to get there – it might be a degree, or a certification.

2) Be proactive, acquire it! – if you need to go back to school, then go back! Read the books, go for the trainings, just do it!

It’s all about living a dream that you have trapped within you. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, just start the process and I promise you’ll get there someday. And of course we – your folks at seeds in words – will be striving to do the same as well. Let’s go there!

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It’s Possible!

Jul 9, 2011 by

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“Jesus said to him, if you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes” – Mk 9:23 (AKJV)

At some point in the pursuit of our dreams, we exhaust our drive. It tends to be a natural occurrence for us to lose sight of the reason why we started running in the first place. We get tired, we feel like we’ve been running forever with no sign of the finish line. All of us at some point has felt this way, especially after failing so many times.

What is that thing that will keep you going? What is that thing that when you remember it you want to stay in the race? There’s got to be something that will sustain our motivation while we’re chasing after our goals and dreams. What is it that you’ll say to yourself when you’ve failed so many times, that will give you the courage to get back on your feet and try some more? In Prov 24:16, the bible says, “Though the righteous man falls seven times, he shall rise again…” So what is it that will make you rise again, after it seems like all hell has broken lose on you, and everything that could go wrong has gone wrong?

This is what you have to say to yourself: It’s possible!! That goal you set for yourself is possible! That dream you have, though it might seem ridiculously huge, is possible! At the times when life knocks you down, and it seems like you can never win, just remember that it’s possible! There was a reason why YOU had to be the one who had that dream, or set those goals. There’s got to be a reason why it occurred to YOU and no one else. So say to yourself, say to your dreams, say to those things you really want to accomplish, IT’S POSSIBLE!!

Abraham Lincoln is probably the most ideal example of failure turned into success. He was born into poverty, lost eight elections, failed in business twice, and suffered a nervous breakdown, among other failures.  What do you think kept him going all through his numerous failures? Why do you think he didn’t quit on himself, like so many of us would’ve? Because he knew within himself that it was POSSIBLE!

Here’s the challenge for you:

1) Think of those areas you’ve quit on yourself, or those things you’ve given up on

2) Now say this with power and conviction: IT’S POSSIBLE!!

3) Continue saying it until everything in you believes it!

We – your folks at seeds in words – believe that we can all achieve greatness and live our dreams to the fullest. So join us and let’s believe together that IT’S POSSIBLE!!

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Conquer fear!

Jul 6, 2011 by

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“It’s better to have tried and failed than to live life wondering what would’ve happened if I had tried” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

I have found that most of the time, the things we fear the most are the things we perform the best at; after we’ve broken through the fear that is.

We often times get scared of situations before even getting into them. We fear getting heart broken and so stay away from relationships, we fear failing in business and so we end up not starting it at all. As Sven Goran Eriksson once said “The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.”  This is so true!

As Les Brown, a best-selling author and renowned motivational speaker, stated in his book, Live Your Dreams, “everyone of us was born with just two fears – the fear of loud noise, and the fear of being dropped. All other fears we learned!”

We’ve all in so many cases let our fears get the best of us. But that doesn’t have to be our stories forever! Even if it had been in the past, we have the power to make a change today! No great inventor or business man having let his fears get the best of him would’ve been able to invent anything, or have the adjective “great” attached to them.

Everyone today celebrates the achievements of successful men like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Julian Robertson, but no one ever considers what fears they must have had to conquer to make those investments that turned their lives around.

I don’t know about you or how you feel, but I know I’m tired! I’m tired of being held down by my fears. I’m tired of letting my fears make life decisions for me! I want to be in charge of my life. I want to be able to try what my mind tells me is going to work. And if for some reason it doesn’t work, I want to be able to try it again and again until I convince myself it’s never going to work!

So if you’re also tired of your fears robbing you of life’s best, here’s a little challenge for you:

1) Figure out that thing you’ve always wanted to do but your fears have been stopping you from doing

2) Go do it!!

And needless to say, we – your folks at seeds in words- will do the same. Let’s kick fear’s behind together!!

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One step at a time

Jul 5, 2011 by

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“With a definite, step-by-step plan – ah, what a difference it makes! You cannot fail, because each step carries you along to the next, like a track…” - Scott Reed.

A lot of us have goals we want to achieve, or skills we want to learn. I’m pretty certain that most of us have the yearning to be great at something. Now that’s a great! That’s a desirable trait, one that we should all have.

However, if we’d be honest with ourselves, we’d concur that setting the goals is not where the problem lies (actually that’s the easiest part). The real problem lies in keeping ourselves accountable and being disciplined enough to follow through. And often times, the reason why it seems so difficult to follow through is because we let ourselves get overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to accomplish those goals.

Well here’s the most effective solution to the universal problem of “following through” I’ve found to work each time: break the overall goal into bits and then take it bit by bit, i.e. one step at a time. Such that everyday you’ll do something little that will take you a step closer to that goal.

I have heard a lot of world class public speakers talk about the effectiveness of this method. I mean renowned speakers like Brian Tracy, Jim Rhon, Tony Robbins, and Myles Munroe; just to name a few. I’ve also seen very close friends apply this method, and of course I in so many cases have applied it too, and the results? GRANDE!!

I have a friend who used this “step by step” method to pursue her desire for photography. Her overall goal was to get good at taking great shots, and to tap into the photographic genius inside her. This is how she went about it: she decided to take and edit one shot every single day throughout the entire year! Today, she’s in “day 179″, and needless to say, her last shot was way better than her first!

So here’s a fun challenge:

1) Determine a goal you really want to achieve, or you started but abandoned

2) Now break that goal into bits; bits that you can do everyday and that will be fun to do!

3) Now do it…EVERDAY!!!

I promise you, the results will be tremendous! And of course we, your folks at seeds in words, will join you in the exercise.. Let’s all head towards greatness together, one step at a time!!





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