What Do You Believe In?

Nov 24, 2012 by

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Recently, I have been giving serious thought to everything I’ve ever believed in. Not to go into much detail, I’m one that has grown to believe in a lot of things. Some realistic, some larger than life, some a little narcissistic and a lot through the world around me. Regardless of what it is, I constantly question myself as to why I believe in these things. Root reasons that I’ve come up with often end up around my background as an individual, things I’ve encountered in life, people I’ve personally related with and people I look up to. Do I truly love and relate to these beliefs or are they just placeholders for an otherwise empty means of existence? Needless to say, that is a tough question that usually ends up albeit, rhetorical in many situations, at least for me.

Either ways, we all agree that life is much more wholeful and worth living when we believe in something, whether its God, love, science, karma, our really cute dog or a profound impact which our belief is going to have on the world around us. The key is, there has to be that belief in something that is larger than you. Something that has a direct impact on why you live. Why you wake up in the morning, get through your day and its nuances and eventually feel fulfilled that all is going on well, and possibly for a reason. Believing gives us something to hold on to. Joan of Arc said “One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.” and I couldn’t agree more.

I have personally, through my walks of life chosen to believe in God. Not because of my background or the people who I’ve been blessed to be influenced by; at least not anymore, but because I’ve experienced through faith that a lot has worked out in my favor. Not through my own doing, but through the faith I’ve had by believing in God. Now, that has been my personal experience, and I’ve met a lot of people, truly, who have experienced the same type of faith in a different dimension through the things that they believe in, and I openly appreciate and respect them for that. But as they say, some of us may take different paths, but we may, after a long journey, end up in the same place.

The key idea here is, its tough to find meaning or purpose in life without believing in anything. Feverishly working through minute by minute, day by day waiting for the next thing to happen and putting ourselves at the mercy of the world around us. When we believe in something, we are grateful about the life we live and everything that encompasses it. We can savor every moment with the things and people we love knowing that they are there for a reason. We can acknowledge that there is a purpose why we exist, that there is a reason for every thought, experience and the lessons we learn from them. We can make an impact, be the difference, be the love and companion of the someone or people around us. We can take decisions with a compass, aligning us back to our centered self, not the temporary desires and manipulations the world offers us on an “oh so comfortable” platter of gold. We can work hard and excel at the things that we expend ourselves doing with dignity and a deep, fulfilling sense of purpose.

This doesn’t in any fashion mean that we should impress, judge or force our beliefs on the world around us. Respecting other people and their beliefs is a key ingredient to peace, love and more profoundly, a key component to making a positive impact through our lives. Finger pointing made a positive impact, said nobody, ever. Our lives should be a living testimony of what we’ve chosen to believe in, and if infact others choose to share our beliefs with us, it should be because of the fact that our lives have made an impact that they want to share and experience.

So ask yourself, what do I believe in? Why? What type of impact is my belief making on the world, my life and the people I share it with?

Food for thought.

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Living With a Purpose

Mar 18, 2012 by

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We often throw the word “Purpose” around on a day to day basis in very many situations in life. I personally love the word because it has a certain weight to it that I like to associate myself with. So lately since moving to Austin, TX I’ve been fortunate to meet with very wonderful people. People who have achieved a lot in the personal and professional lives and in the grand scheme of things, I look up to.

In meeting with people, I like to find something I can relate to in their lives and ask open ended questions about thought process, values etc. What drives them to achieve as they live their lives and what has driven them so far to get to where they are. One thing that I’ve seen consistently is that these people have always had a general thought or idea as to what the desired result should be with their lives. I’d love to call it “living with intention”. Knowing that this is the reason I exist and as such letting that guide their every move.

The easiest way to live life is to simply wake up every morning, go through the motions, take things as they come and say “well, this has been an awesome day” or “this has been a really shitty day”. I lived that way for a very long time; looking for fulfillment in all the wrong places, pursuing some form of happiness that always seemed to elude me just when I thought I had figured it out, that type stuff. But then at some point we all need to sit down and ask ourselves what we really want out of our lives. What is the reason I exist? I choose not to believe we are here to just keep trying things out, hitting and missing and just waiting on the next big thing. I call that “living by accident”.

Back to the premise, the only reason these successful people made it to where they are now is because even if they didn’t find a purpose from the beginning, at some point on the way, they had to give some serious thought to exactly what their desired outcome was. This is not to say we should necessarily have a life “game plan” even though there are benefits attached to that as well but then, existing, weathering through challenges and making choices are things that should be driven by a clear and overarching knowledge of what our desired outcome is. That is the only way you can genuinely tell yourself “I’m a successful person” and carry yourself with confidence regardless of what the rest of the world thinks about you. That in my opinion is fulfillment and if positive, will take you to heights even you cannot imagine.

Whatever we choose to call it; purpose, desired outcome, desired results, intentions etc. It is extremely important to have one of those not only for our lives as a big picture but the little short term details we deal with daily. Before you take that job, does it align with your desired outcome from life? Before you go for that degree? Before you step in your car and drive down there? When we know where we’re going, its way more fulfilling to live through today’s wins and challenges. Even when “life happens”, its easier to pick ourselves up and continue winning because we have that clear desired outcome in mind.

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