Happy New Year Fam!!!

Jan 1, 2013 by

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Happy New Year Fam! I’m so glad I’m alive to see this new year – the beginning of another cycle. For me, 2012 brought so many blessings, victories, and very few disappointments. Now, I realize that this might not have been the case for everyone. Most people had more disappointments than they did blessings. But whatever the case may be for you, I’m glad you made it into 2013! We have another 12 months to set the things in our lives that are within the spheres of our control straight! We have 12 months to dream big, and stretch ourselves to the best of our abilities!

However, in order for us to accomplish this this year – for us to have a more fruitful and productive 2013 ever – we have to first accept the fact that NOTHING magical happened when 12 am struck this morning! So even though we’ve been given another opportunity this year to set things straight, that will only happen when we take personal responsibility to make positive changes this year. This is why its important for us to reflect and honestly review our performance in 2012 if we haven’t already done so. By so doing, you’ll be able to analyse your true performance and properly determine the areas in which you need to make changes and perhaps, how to make them.

But whatever the case may be, just blindly starting off 2013 wishing that things will turn out better than they did in 2012 is self-deceit. Also, blindly making new year’s resolutions just because you feel obligated by custom and tradition to do so at the beginning of every new year will also turn out to be unfruitful – unless you ensure that those resolutions are actions that will yield the changes you have determined is detrimental to make your performance in 2013 better than that of 2012.

Fam, let’s all hit the ground this year running! Let’s set goals that will inspire us to give our best this year to everything we set our hands to do. But most importantly, let’s commit our year into God’s hands and work with Him, expecting that He’ll help us with the things that are outside our range of direct control.

We, your fam at Seeds In Words, wish you a fruitful, favorable, and fun filled year! May you receive all that you desire and work for this year! And may your dreams and all that you hope for come true!! Happy New Year!!

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The Eagle in You: Fly high…

Nov 4, 2011 by

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“Whoever believes the sky is his limit has limited imagination.” – anonymous

Hey fam! Waking up this morning, I thought to myself, “Dang! I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been neglecting my seeds in words fam!” Well, this is me trying to make it up to you! :-D

Over the next few days/weeks, we’ll be talking about different characteristics of eagles, and the vital lessons we could learn from them! So, please tag along…let’s reason together for a bit!

** Oh! and by the way, my full name, Ugochukwu, means God’s eagle! Just thought I should get that out there :-p **

I want to start with the flight capabilities of eagles. I did some research and found out that in their top flight, bald eagles can fly as high as 30,000ft. That’s about the cruising altitude of jet powered airliners! This is one of the characteristics that separates eagles from other birds and flying creatures: they fly high!! So, in top flight, it’s almost impossible for an eagle to run into another bird. And if an eagle does run into another bird, it’ll have to be another eagle…not a duck!! :-D

How in the world is this your business, you ask? Well, here’s my perspective: we’re supposed to be aiming high, working towards excellence, and demanding for the best from life. I mean, we all can, so why not? Why do we have to settle for anything less than the best when we have access to the best? I love the saying: aim for the moon, that way, if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars!

A lot of people are OK with the idea of living in mediocrity. They advice you to tone down your goals a bit, because it’d be embarrassing if you did your best but failed to achieve them. See, these are the ducks! … But I’m certain you aren’t one of them. Because if you were, you wouldn’t be here right now, reading this! You took your time to read this, and you’ve read this far! See? It shows you want more from life! You aren’t a duck! You’re an eagle! So, set high goals for yourself and, push yourself a little at a time until you achieve them. Never settle for anything less than the best you can achieve at any given time.

You see, your definition of high goals might not be the same as mine. You might be shooting to double your monthly income, and I’m shooting to acquire the skills it takes to become the best in my field. Hey! It doesn’t matter how small your “high goals” are relative to the other guy’s. What matters is that you achieve the best you possible can at any given time!

So, remember to:

1. Free your mind! – Don’t let your past failures or  fears hold you back

2. Aim for the best! – Always stretch to achieve the best you possibly can

And please please please for crying out loud, quit hanging around pigeons, ducks, canaries, and their likes! That’s stooping waay too low! Rather, fly with the eagles! See ya up there! B-)

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Don’t Stop At Wishing…

Aug 25, 2011 by

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Good morning y’all. I had one of my proudest moments this summer when I read a post by my little cousin, Ezinne Njoku, on facebook. She’s just 13, but her words poked something inside me. :-) So, I’ve decided to share that with you today. Here we go:

“Wishing! It only stimulates your brain, it doesn’t stimulate action. Wishing is just a list made in your head about what you want to do or become. YOU!!! Have to make it happen!”

I hope I’m not the only one that thinks she should totally become a motivational speaker! :-D So as you go through your day, remember: Only YOU can bring your goals to life!

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The Ant Philosophy…

Jul 15, 2011 by

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Have you ever seen a battalion of ants marching in formation? *Pretty nasty I know!* Now, assuming you don’t murder them with bug spray, what happens when you try to block their path?…They break up for a while, but in no time, they gather themselves together and fall back into formation!! *So annoying I know!* But this is the same mindset we’re supposed to have in the pursuit of our goals and dreams.

Most times, once we set out to become the best we could ever be, all hell breaks lose on us. This seems to be a fact of life! Whenever we decide to start pursuing our dreams, it seems like a bunch of demons gather around with their cups of coffee, and very comfortable sofas to continuously set hindrances in our paths until we eventually fail :-D. This is so true! Sometimes we experience so much opposition that it feels like Murphy had us in mind when he coined his very famous law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

In times like these, learn to be like ants! Learn to never quit! If one way blocks, relax, look around, and find another. If it seems like what you’re doing right now is not working, take a step back, re-evaluate your methods and get right back to it. Learn to keep working on whatever you’ve set your mind to achieve UNTIL it happens!

Benjamin Disraeli said in one occasion, “Nothing can stop a human will that sets its existence on it’s purpose.” That is, you have to resolve within yourself that you’ll get what you want, even if it costs you your life! Whatever it is we want in life, if we set our mind on it and give all we’ve got in it’s pursuit, we’ll DEFINITELY achieve it! And just like ants, if something happens to delay or block our paths, instead of giving up, let’s keep searching and searching UNTIL we find an alternative route.

So here’s what you’ve got to do:

- The next time it seems like your paths blocked, remember ants! If those little suckers can do it, you can too!

And of course, you won’t be doing it alone. Your seeds in words fam will be doing the same too! Let’s not give up UNTIL we’ve got what we want!!

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