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Dec 14, 2011 by

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Hey fam! As we all know, Christmas is the season of giving. It’s a season of sending gifts and gift cards to friends and loved ones. Above all, it’s a season of appreciation and celebration of God’s greatest gift to man – Jesus. It sure is a fun season!!

However, today, I want to urge you to do more than just give wrapped gifts. I want to encourage you to give the people around you the gift of a smile…You don’t have to have an incredible sense of humor to do that. You don’t even need a sense of humor at all! :-)

All you have to do is give them a compliment. Tell them something positive about them that you see… Tell them you love their attitude, their hair, their eyes, their shoes, or their shirt. It really doesn’t matter, just tell them something good.

You see, people don’t go about sourcing for compliments, but it sure feels good when someone else leaves you a compliment. You know that, don’t you? ;-) You’ve felt that way too at some point; maybe even just a few hours ago! Now, all you have to do is give someone else the privilege of hearing something good about them from you. You’ll completely change the vibe of their day! They’ll feel special, wanted, noticed, and cute, all because you said something!!

If you’ve ever been to a funeral or watched one, you probably heard the most incredible and breath-taking remarks about the dead guy during someone’s speech… But why wait that long? Why wait until the person is dead to give them compliments? Do it now that it actually counts. Change someone’s day, change their vibe, change their mood, just tell someone something good to make them smile. :-)

After all, this season is all about love. And who says you can’t show love and warmth to strangers! It won’t cost you a thing, but it will definitely make a lasting difference in the recipients life!

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The Eagle in You: Face the Storm…

Dec 7, 2011 by

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“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” – Joseph Campbell

Hey fam! Hope you’re all doing great! Hope Christmas shopping and all that good stuff’s coming along just fine…If you’ve not bought anything yet, please don’t delay…get out there and rob some stores of their discounts!!  :-D

Today, I want to talk about another characteristic of eagles – let’s call it…Wing power! When a storm hits, eagles are the only birds that are brave enough to stay in the air; other birds (the ducks, sparrows, and geese) head for their nests! lol…It gets even better. Eagles don’t just stay in the air, they fly into the storm!! Kinda cool huh? Those creatures have very incredible wing power!

Now, this is how it relates to us humans: we’re supposed to be able to rise to challenges, garner strength from within, and face the storms in our lives. I realize this is easier said than done, but it’s possible! We can all do it! Just like Joseph Campbell said, when we face challenges, we’re forced to search deep within ourselves to find the power to overcome! Actually, I would like to replace the word “Find” in that sentence with “Discover,” because we don’t suddenly become strong/powerful because of a storm we’re facing, we’ve had the strength all along! We just never got to use ‘em…

Let’s cultivate the habit of seeing challenges as opportunities to better ourselves, rather than life’s effort to frustrate the bunkers out of us. Let’s begin to see our present crisis as a call for us to start using those abilities we just never got around using. For instance, instead of seeing your infuriating boss as a sucker who’s worthy of death by food poisoning, you can choose to see that job as an opportunity for you to learn how to deliver your best in a hostile environment. With that shift in paradigm, you’d be surprised how much of a patient fellow you really are! :-D

A very smart lady I know once said, “…If you must, you can.” And I’ve found that to be so true! For example, one might take refuge in his cozy “wake-work-hangout-sleep” schedule, until he gets the memo that his company’s about to start laying off employees, or he just decides to make a better life for himself. Then, the schedule changes to “Wake-work-school-hangout-sleep.” And then he gets married and has a bunch of cute little kids, the new schedule now becomes, “Wake-work-work-school-wife-family-family-sleep.” Here’s what’s interesting though; he’ll do it…somehow!! He’ll find the strength he never knew he had to combine all these and make them work….because he must!

I’m not being unrealistic. It’s in everyone of us. We all posses the capabilities to face whatever challenges we have before us today. Don’t be like the ducks that shy away from things just because the heat got turned up, or because of some storm. You can do something about your challenges! If not you, you might know someone who might be able to help. But do something about it! Quit making excuses and activate the eagle in you. Get up and face that storm already!!

In conclusion, fam, dust up your abandoned goals one more time… But this time, with the mindset that says, “I have what it takes to make this a reality!” And, as you face your next challenge (in school, work, family, or wherever), remember they’re designed to help you grow. You’ll discover more of yourself when your done with it. It’s ok to feel down, but don’t stay down! Don’t feel bad for long. Put yourself together and embark on your journey of self discovery!! :-)

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The Eagle in You: Fly high…

Nov 4, 2011 by

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“Whoever believes the sky is his limit has limited imagination.” – anonymous

Hey fam! Waking up this morning, I thought to myself, “Dang! I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been neglecting my seeds in words fam!” Well, this is me trying to make it up to you! :-D

Over the next few days/weeks, we’ll be talking about different characteristics of eagles, and the vital lessons we could learn from them! So, please tag along…let’s reason together for a bit!

** Oh! and by the way, my full name, Ugochukwu, means God’s eagle! Just thought I should get that out there :-p **

I want to start with the flight capabilities of eagles. I did some research and found out that in their top flight, bald eagles can fly as high as 30,000ft. That’s about the cruising altitude of jet powered airliners! This is one of the characteristics that separates eagles from other birds and flying creatures: they fly high!! So, in top flight, it’s almost impossible for an eagle to run into another bird. And if an eagle does run into another bird, it’ll have to be another eagle…not a duck!! :-D

How in the world is this your business, you ask? Well, here’s my perspective: we’re supposed to be aiming high, working towards excellence, and demanding for the best from life. I mean, we all can, so why not? Why do we have to settle for anything less than the best when we have access to the best? I love the saying: aim for the moon, that way, if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars!

A lot of people are OK with the idea of living in mediocrity. They advice you to tone down your goals a bit, because it’d be embarrassing if you did your best but failed to achieve them. See, these are the ducks! … But I’m certain you aren’t one of them. Because if you were, you wouldn’t be here right now, reading this! You took your time to read this, and you’ve read this far! See? It shows you want more from life! You aren’t a duck! You’re an eagle! So, set high goals for yourself and, push yourself a little at a time until you achieve them. Never settle for anything less than the best you can achieve at any given time.

You see, your definition of high goals might not be the same as mine. You might be shooting to double your monthly income, and I’m shooting to acquire the skills it takes to become the best in my field. Hey! It doesn’t matter how small your “high goals” are relative to the other guy’s. What matters is that you achieve the best you possible can at any given time!

So, remember to:

1. Free your mind! – Don’t let your past failures or  fears hold you back

2. Aim for the best! – Always stretch to achieve the best you possibly can

And please please please for crying out loud, quit hanging around pigeons, ducks, canaries, and their likes! That’s stooping waay too low! Rather, fly with the eagles! See ya up there! B-)

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